Modern rebate management for foodservice.

Imagine having a direct relationship with every foodservice customer, fully automated and with zero headaches. It's the future of foodservice.
Trusted by the world's leading food brands.

Empower your sales team like never before.

Your manufacturer dashboard will allow you to prospect restaurants, enter information, and send offers in seconds, drastically improving close rates and time-to-close.

Enroll new foodservice customers in seconds.

Acelerate's platform allows restaurants to enroll in your foodservice rebate program instantly, across any distributor, all with the tap of a few buttons.

Validating claims shouldn't be so hard.

Archaic trade management systems require administrative overhead to validate claims. Acelerate does this in the background and at the source. You'll never have to worry about double-dipping again.

Shred the checks: remittance how it should be.

Acelerate's payment platform integrates directly with over 5,000 financial institutions so your customers are paid on time, every time, directly to their bank account. You'll never get an email saying "I can't find my check" again.

Unparalleled insights to help you grow: foodservice powered by AI.

Connect with and understand your customers in ways that previously seemed impossible. Find new customers based on millions of purchasing datapoints.
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